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We are here for YOU, wherever YOU are!

Creative Care Group Telehealth means the delivery of health care services through the use of interactive audio and video technology, permitting real-time communication between the client at the originating site and the provider, for the purpose of diagnosis, consultation, or treatment. 

  • Our platform is HIPAA compliant, in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Our technology is at no cost to our clients. (HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the federal law requiring health care providers and organizations to ensure clients’ health information is kept private). 

  • Clients can participate in sessions from home or any location determined appropriate by the client and their clinician.

  • If a client does not have the technical capability to participate in sessions from home (no internet connection or access to smart phones with cellular connection) during the COVID19 pandemic they can have telephonic sessions (covered by insurance companies). 

Teletherapy sessions work much like the in-person variety. “You make an appointment in advance with a therapist, but instead of traveling to an office, you hop on your computer and receive a HIPAA-secure link to your email to gain access to the video chat,”  

A client can be anywhere to receive teletherapy — at home, at the office during lunch, and regardless of the weather or the lack of transportation options. It can be very helpful to people who live in rural areas, far from mental health professionals. It also allows the client to be in a place where they are most comfortable to discuss delicate topics.

We offer the following services via Telehealth:

Couples/Marital Therapy; Adolescent Counseling; Family Therapy; Older Adults/Geriatric Mental Health; Outpatient Treatment; Group Counseling; Individual Therapy; Adolescent Therapy; Family Therapy; Couples/Marital Therapy

Work Desk

Teletherapy is not for everybody:


Some clients prefer coming into the psychotherapist’s office where it is typically quite controlled in terms of noise and interruptions. (When you join a video call from your home, the doorbell might ring, the dog might start barking or someone might be able to hear you in the next room). 

At times technology may be problematic (low-resolution camera or sounds that may not be picked up from a microphone). “

There’s also the possibility of dropped Wi-Fi connections, causing a break in the flow of a session.


Is Teletherapy Effective?


Therapy via telehealth has been shown to be equally as effective as in-person therapy, especially when it comes to general anxiety, depression, life transitions and family dynamics.

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