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Who We Are

Creative Care Group is a family of highly qualified and compassionate psychotherapists, social workers and administrative representatives who are committed to providing quality, empathetic, client-centered professional services, with the well-being and comfortability of our clients being our first priority.

We boast a diverse and uniquely qualified group of professionals working day and night to bring you a versatile selection of mental health services, ranging from traditional to modern counseling techniques, as well as specialized services such as wellness checkups, holistic therapeutic interventions, interest-based groups, music therapy, and a lot more!

At creative care, empathy, non-judgement, self-love and empowerment are our top values. We pride ourselves in providing care that feels human, not corporate.

Philosophies we live by

“Embark on the journey of Love. It’ll take you from yourself to your own Self. Love is your steady guide on this road full of hardships. When you seek love with all your heart, You will find its echoes in the universe.”Rumi

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